We care about Ottawa—and we know you do, too.

​Local love fuels us to tackle the greatest challenges facing our community. Together with our supporters and partners—people who love where they live and want to make a difference—we can break down barriers, improves lives, and create opportunities for individuals and families in Ottawa.

Our efforts are backed by a commitment to 100% local impact. This means funds raised locally are put to work to help those most in need, right here – in the heart of Canada’s capital.

Conquering local issues

Ottawa: Our nation’s capital

Ottawa: Our nation’s capital. A place where languages unite. A diverse and vibrant mix of neighbourhoods. A city built by innovators, artists, visionaries, dedicated public servants, volunteers and philanthropists.

But even though Ottawa is as great place to live for many people, it’s also home to thousands of individuals and families who find it difficult to get by. Some face poverty, others feel isolated, and many struggle with their mental health.

The issues affecting our community’s most vulnerable people can’t be solved in isolation. That’s why we work with individuals, agencies, companies and government leaders to harness our city’s collective strengths and address widespread social issues.

We know that together, we can change lives.

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Making a difference

United Way East Ontario

Issues like poverty, isolation and mental health don’t start or end at geographic borders—conquering them demands the force of our entire region. By bringing people and resources together from across the communities we serve, United Way East Ontario harnesses the strength needed to address systemic challenges, raise support and advocate for change.

Ask us anything. We're here to help.

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