Community Investments 2019-2020

United Way East Ontario invests our available resources in smart, strategic ways to move the needle for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our expert volunteers evaluate and make recommendations to fund programs, collaborations and initiatives that create measurable, lasting change.
Here are our investments for July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020, divided into the three focus areas of our activities that fulfill our mission, vision and promise. These investments are determined by our annual Call for Proposals process, unless otherwise indicated.
Every kid should have the basic building blocks to stay on track to succeed—in school, and in life.

A  job, a purpose, a sense of belonging—we can ensure more people in our communities achieve financial independence and stability.

Healthy People, Strong Communities

Ensuring our communities are great for everyone by improving equity, connections and overall well-being.

* Funded through After the Storm
** Community-Wide Initiative: mobilizes multiple stakeholders in order to address community-wide challenges and create a collective response to affect systemic change
*** Strategic Investment: advances multiple priority goals for United Way and has a clearly defined role for United Way to add value through convening, facilitating, coordinating, evaluating, reporting or project managing

  1. Je souhaite :

    aider les personnes en situation de crise.


  2. Je souhaite :

    encourager les nouveaux arrivants.


  3. Je souhaite :

    favoriser l’inclusion.


  4. Je souhaite :

    célébrer la diversité.


  5. Je souhaite :

    mettre fin à la haine et la violence.


  6. Je souhaite :

    appuyer des programmes de santé mentale.


  7. Je souhaite :

    mettre fin à l’itinérance juvénile.


  8. Je souhaite :

    pousser les personnes âgées à s’épanouir.


  9. Je souhaite :

    être ici, avec cœur.